Dental implant Professional office

The possibility of installing implants without surgery with digital techniques
Offering all implant services
Jaw sinus graft and bone Restoration
And the provision of all general dental care services including Dental filling, root canal treatment and full ceramic cosmetic crown

Treatment description and implant prices
All current prices are up to date and relevant
To the year of 1397

In our specialized Dental Implant Professional Office

, we will have the following features for the treatment :

  1. Perform the task at the top of the set clock with approx. 20 minutes
  2. Emphasis on painless services
  3. Keep the smile in front of your mouth and maintain your smile during the implant steps
  4. Prices from zero to one hundred are clear from the beginning
  5. The entire implant in three to five steps
  6. Permanent online access to the doctor’s telegram
  7. Low prices due to major purchases of dealerships (High discounts on doctor’s fees (which make a large contribution to costs like the other Hand-made work)
  8. Performing the implant from 40 days to 4 months depending on the conditions of the bone and the type of implant selected in total 4 stages of drag and installation of the base – Detection-dental imprinting and delivery
  9. emphasize specific timing for the people of abroad
  10. Free support for periodic implant visits
  11. Free wifi
  12. Free parking for treatment sessions

The new office services, all-ceramic crowns, all computer based with the latest technology in the world IPS e.max ZirCAD zirconium with digital scanning and low-Code

And doing all the general treatments include:

Root canal treatment, all types of ceramic crowns, scaling teeth, dental bleaching (teeth brightening), Pediatric dental care by Ms. nasim Hashemi

Our Business hours with reception coordination

Number 02122225251 

All implant services will be done every day between 17:00 and 18:00, with a full-jaw radiograph, called OPG. Our address is at the bottom of the page. (Our office is based on world-renowned original implants like an exhibition of various implants at reasonable prices and with a guarantee for your service.)

In most cases where bone conditions are appropriate, extraction along with the base is done.

Prices are calculated without taking teeth extraction and teeth Restoration into account.

As loved ones living abroad know that the difference in perceptible implant prices inside and outside the country is due to higher remuneration for surgery abroad.

General services prices

For Consulting on the type of implant services, time and costs, click on the picture below on telegram.

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For Consulting on the services of a variety of implants and time and costs on Instagram, click on the below photo.

For Consulting on the root canal treatment, filling and dental crown services , time and costs on telegram, click on the below photo.

Obviously, if a bone reconstruction is required, a separate cost of at least 3hundred thousand  to a maximum of 1.5 million will be added at the expense of the implant.

The above list implants are all well-priced market implants and are among the most well-known implants with a history of many years.

differences between dental implants:

  • time of attendance
  • Record and performance quality
  •  Company reputation
  •  Capacity of titanium alloy manufacturer
  • Combination type of thread design
  • Number of steps and type of final cleaning acid
  •  implant subsidence process

The number of sessions and time and special features and capabilities are provided by some brands to make implant crowns more beautiful.

Our view on this, is the first offering of Swiss implants from group one to three, and then the rest of the cases. For further research.

at the bottom of this page, we also put the links to the manufacturers of implants.

If you need to regenerate bone in the same visit, extra cost will be announced to you.

For many, there is the question of whether the implant rejects?

Yes, as simple as it happens. Please do not implant if you have problems with these three issues:

  1. The inability to control blood sugar
  2. Nutritional pressure
  3. Smoking

Click here to see dental implant procedures and time.

How to choose?

However, the next important thing besides assessing the quality, price and ability to pay is decisive decisions to buy goods and services.

This variety of models and the number of implant brands currently in use in Iran, such as the price diversity of the car exhibition, will allow you to choose a better quality and reasonable budget, so you can choose a brand that is closer to your situation.

Dental implants are painless for most patients, and even in proper bone conditions (only if bone is severe enough), in rare cases it can be done without surgery and in flap without cutting or stitching,

Dental implants are painless for most patients and in rare cases it can even be performed without surgery in a flap without cutting or stitching. However, in cases of bone recession, it is best to perform implant surgeries to ensure the quality of the implant installation, long-term effect and to see the surgeon’s performance, as well as to the bone reconstruction.

In our office, due to the convenient and fast access to our specialized laboratories, you will experience a shortest possible time, The Fastest Way to Get Implants and the minimum number of clinical sessions  to make many different types of dental implant crowns.

Payments in our office are by cash at the same time of each treatment session or in two or at most three sessions.

Also, if you want to work quickly, you can take steps to remove defective teeth in your area and after 50 days in just one meeting at our office, just install the base and possibly reconstruct the bone simultaneously.

However, in some circumstances for quick installation and standard implants, even in the form of punching without cutting and stitching, particularly in the case of Canine and molar tooth, it is preferable to pull decayed tooth root and implant after 50 days than extracting and implanting simultaneously.

What are the differences between implants? What is the reason for the difference in their Million prices?


Full list of prices at the bottom of this page

For making an appointment, or sending your pics and questions you can accompany us by sending a massage on office telegram or contacting us on Watts Up rather than this site.

Telegram & Watts Up number:
 366 85 25 0912

In this office you can choose one of three groups of implants : Click on any of the following brands to get to know the brand you are looking for.

Implants of the common group

This group of implants are common implant in the market. They considered as group 3 mainly due to the removal of acid reflux and its specific surface preparation at reasonable prices .

  1.  SIC Implants, Switzerland and Germany products
  2. Switzerland IHDE implant
  3. German RITTER Implant
  4. GIDI France Implant

TOP Level 1implants

Our first suggestion is for those who are looking for a global brand and the quality is important to them in the first place, those who have diabetes or are heavy cigarettes smokers, or those who have time constraints.

These implants are well-known brand in the world, Offering the Highest Level of Patient Comfort and Quality

These types of implants, known worldwide implants with a history of several decades of use for American and European patients in those countries, have been done with technology that is applied on the surface of the implants, along with strong bone joints which results in shorter dental implant fusion in jaw bone and can be loaded faster or simultaneously. The first is the Straumann Swiss brand.

  1. ITI Straumann Roxolid Implants
    Switzerland SLActive dental implants
    The latest achievement of the Swiss Research Center in 2015, with the possibility of a crown in healthy bone(preferably in a tooth that had been extracted about 60 days ago) with the time of attachment only after 40 days.
  2.   Switzerland SPI INICEL implant

TOP Level 2implants,group 3

Implants that have been present in the market for many years and have a high popularity and reputation over the years with a high level of functionality.

  1. ITI Roxolid SLA implant Switzerland
  2.  Swiss SPI Implants with SLA Level

And Straumann titanium implants that are part of the LEVEL 3 group

Unique implant with a very powerful bone attachment

Economic Group Implant

This implies German production in Korea, which in its turn has a high quality.

  1. German-Megagen ANYRIDGE Implant in Korea
  2. Korean LUNA Implant

If you need to perform bone reconstruction ,surgery will be necessarily for implant base installation.

After the base implant installed, depending on the type of implant and your jaw bone conditions, It takes 20 days to 5 months.

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Office hours:

Business hours every day from Saturday to Wednesday is from 1:30 pm to 7:30 pm and on Thursday is from 10 am to 2 pm.

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Dental implant specialist

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